Bible: Isa 30:18-25

The Lord Will Not Abandon His People

30:18 For this reason the Lord is ready to show you mercy;

he sits on his throne, ready to have compassion on you. 1 

Indeed, the Lord is a just God;

all who wait for him in faith will be blessed. 2 

30:19 For people will live in Zion;

in Jerusalem 3  you will weep no more. 4 

When he hears your cry of despair, he will indeed show you mercy;

when he hears it, he will respond to you. 5 

30:20 The sovereign master 6  will give you distress to eat

and suffering to drink; 7 

but your teachers will no longer be hidden;

your eyes will see them. 8 

30:21 You 9  will hear a word spoken behind you, saying,

This is the correct 10  way, walk in it,”

whether you are heading to the right or the left.

30:22 You will desecrate your silver-plated idols 11 

and your gold-plated images. 12 

You will throw them away as if they were a menstrual rag,

saying to them, “Get out!

30:23 He will water the seed you plant in the ground,

and the ground will produce crops in abundance. 13 

At that time 14  your cattle will graze in wide pastures.

30:24 The oxen and donkeys used in plowing 15 

will eat seasoned feed winnowed with a shovel and pitchfork. 16 

30:25 On every high mountain

and every high hill

there will be streams flowing with water,

at the time of 17  great slaughter when the fortified towers collapse.

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