Bible: Isa 27:2-6

27:2 When that time comes, 1 

sing about a delightful vineyard! 2 

27:3 I, the Lord, protect it; 3 

I water it regularly. 4 

I guard it night and day,

so no one can harm it. 5 

27:4 I am not angry.

I wish I could confront some thorns and briers!

Then I would march against them 6  for battle;

I would set them 7  all on fire,

27:5 unless they became my subjects 8 

and made peace with me;

let them make peace with me. 9 

27:6 The time is coming when Jacob will take root; 10 

Israel will blossom and grow branches.

The produce 11  will fill the surface of the world. 12 

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