Bible: Isa 23:15-18

23:15 At that time 1  Tyre will be forgotten for seventy years, 2  the typical life span of a king. 3  At the end of seventy years Tyre will try to attract attention again, like the prostitute in the popular song: 4 

23:16Take the harp,

go through the city,

forgotten prostitute!

Play it well,

play lots of songs,

so you’ll be noticed! 5 

23:17 At the end of seventy years 6  the Lord will revive 7  Tyre. She will start making money again by selling her services to all the earth’s kingdoms. 8  23:18 Her profits and earnings will be set apart for the Lord. They will not be stored up or accumulated, for her profits will be given to those who live in the Lord’s presence and will be used to purchase large quantities of food and beautiful clothes. 9 

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