Bible: Isa 13:19-22

13:19 Babylon, the most admired 1  of kingdoms,

the Chaldeanssource of honor and pride, 2 

will be destroyed by God

just as Sodom and Gomorrah were. 3 

13:20 No one will live there again;

no one will ever reside there again. 4 

No bedouin 5  will camp 6  there,

no shepherds will rest their flocks 7  there.

13:21 Wild animals will rest there,

the ruined 8  houses will be full of hyenas. 9 

Ostriches will live there,

wild goats will skip among the ruins. 10 

13:22 Wild dogs will yip in her ruined fortresses,

jackals will yelp in the once-splendid palaces. 11 

Her time is almost up, 12 

her days will not be prolonged. 13 

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