Bible: Hosea 8:7-10

The Fertility Cultists Will Become Infertile

8:7 They sow the wind,

and so they will reap the whirlwind!

The stalk does not have any standing grain;

it will not produce any flour.

Even if it were to yield grain,

foreigners would swallow it all up.

8:8 Israel will be swallowed up among the nations;

they will be like a worthless piece of pottery.

The Willful Donkey and the Wanton Harlot

8:9 They have gone up to Assyria,

like a wild donkey that wanders off.

Ephraim has hired prostitutes as lovers. 1 

8:10 Even though they have hired lovers among the nations, 2 

I will soon gather them together for judgment. 3 

Then 4  they will begin to waste away

under the oppression of a mighty king. 5 

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