Bible: Hos 4:4-8

The Lord’s Dispute against the Sinful Priesthood

4:4 Do not let anyone accuse or contend against anyone else: 1 

for my case is against you priests! 2 

4:5 You stumble day and night,

and the false prophets stumble with you;

You have destroyed your own people! 3 

4:6 You have destroyed 4  my people

by failing to acknowledge me!

Because you refuse to acknowledge me, 5 

I will reject you as my priests.

Because you reject 6  the law of your God,

I will reject 7  your descendants.

4:7 The more the priests increased in numbers,

the more they rebelled against me.

They have turned 8  their glorious calling

into a shameful disgrace!

4:8 They feed on the sin offerings of my people;

their appetites long for their iniquity!

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