Bible: Hos 11:1-4

Reversal of the Exodus: Return to Egypt and Exile in Assyria

11:1 When Israel was a young man, I loved him like a son, 1 

and I summoned my son 2  out of Egypt.

11:2 But the more I summoned 3  them,

the farther they departed from me. 4 

They sacrificed to the Baal idols

and burned incense to images.

11:3 Yet it was I who led 5  Ephraim,

I took them by the arm;

but they did not acknowledge

that I had healed them. 6 

11:4 I led them with leather 7  cords,

with leather 8  ropes;

I lifted the yoke 9  from their neck, 10 

and gently fed them. 11 

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