Bible: Hebrews 3:1-6

Jesus and Moses

3:1 Therefore, holy brothers and sisters, 1  partners in a heavenly calling, take note of Jesus, the apostle and high priest whom we confess, 2  3:2 who is faithful to the one who appointed him, as Moses was also in God’s 3  house. 4  3:3 For he has come to deserve greater glory than Moses, just as the builder of a house deserves greater honor than the house itself! 3:4 For every house is built by someone, but the builder of all things is God. 3:5 Now Moses was faithful in all God’s 5  house 6  as a servant, to testify to the things that would be spoken. 3:6 But Christ 7  is faithful as a son over God’s 8  house. We are of his house, 9  if in fact we hold firmly 10  to our confidence and the hope we take pride in. 11 

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