Bible: Habakkuk 1:6-11

1:6 Look, I am about to empower 1  the Babylonians,

that ruthless 2  and greedy 3  nation.

They sweep across the surface 4  of the earth,

seizing dwelling places that do not belong to them.

1:7 They are frightening and terrifying;

they decide for themselves what is right. 5 

1:8 Their horses are faster than leopards

and more alert 6  than wolves in the desert. 7 

Their horses 8  gallop, 9 

their horses come a great distance;

like a vulture 10  they swoop down quickly to devour their prey. 11 

1:9 All of them intend 12  to do violence;

every face is determined. 13 

They take prisoners as easily as one scoops up sand. 14 

1:10 They mock kings

and laugh at rulers.

They laugh at every fortified city;

they build siege ramps 15  and capture them.

1:11 They sweep by like the wind and pass on. 16 

But the one who considers himself a god will be held guilty.” 17 

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