Bible: Habakkuk 1:14-17

1:14 You made people like fish in the sea,

like animals in the sea 1  that have no ruler.

1:15 The Babylonian tyrant 2  pulls them all up with a fishhook;

he hauls them in with his throw net. 3 

When he catches 4  them in his dragnet,

he is very happy. 5 

1:16 Because of his success 6  he offers sacrifices to his throw net

and burns incense to his dragnet; 7 

for because of them he has plenty of food, 8 

and more than enough to eat. 9 

1:17 Will he then 10  continue to fill and empty his throw net? 11 

Will he always 12  destroy 13  nations and spare none? 14 

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