Bible: Genesis 32:7-12

32:7 Jacob was very afraid and upset. So he divided the people who were with him into two camps, as well as the flocks, herds, and camels. 32:8 If Esau attacks one camp,” 1  he thought, 2 then the other camp will be able to escape.” 3 

32:9 Then Jacob prayed, 4  “O God of my father Abraham, God of my father Isaac, O Lord, you said 5  to me, ‘Return to your land and to your relatives and I will make you prosper.’ 6  32:10 I am not worthy of all the faithful love 7  you have shown 8  your servant. With only my walking stick 9  I crossed the Jordan, 10  but now I have become two camps. 32:11 Rescue me, 11  I pray, from the hand 12  of my brother Esau, 13  for I am afraid he will come 14  and attack me, as well as the mothers with their children. 15  32:12 But you 16  said, ‘I will certainly make you prosper 17  and will make 18  your descendants like the sand on the seashore, too numerous to count.’ 19 

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