Bible: Genesis 31:36-42

31:36 Jacob became angry 1  and argued with Laban. “What did I do wrong?” he demanded of Laban. 2 What sin of mine prompted you to chase after me in hot pursuit? 3  31:37 When you searched through all my goods, did you find anything that belonged to you? 4  Set it here before my relatives and yours, 5  and let them settle the dispute between the two of us! 6 

31:38I have been with you for the past twenty years. Your ewes and female goats have not miscarried, nor have I eaten rams from your flocks. 31:39 Animals torn by wild beasts I never brought to you; I always absorbed the loss myself. 7  You always made me pay for every missing animal, 8  whether it was taken by day or at night. 31:40 I was consumed by scorching heat 9  during the day and by piercing cold 10  at night, and I went without sleep. 11  31:41 This was my lot 12  for twenty years in your house: I worked like a slave 13  for you – fourteen years for your two daughters and six years for your flocks, but you changed my wages ten times! 31:42 If the God of my father – the God of Abraham, the one whom Isaac fears 14 had not been with me, you would certainly have sent me away empty-handed! But God saw how I was oppressed and how hard I worked, 15  and he rebuked you last night.”

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