Bible: Gen 18:10-15

18:10 One of them 1  said, “I will surely return 2  to you when the season comes round again, 3  and your wife Sarah will have a son!” 4  (Now Sarah was listening at the entrance to the tent, not far behind him. 5  18:11 Abraham and Sarah were old and advancing in years; 6  Sarah had long since passed menopause.) 7  18:12 So Sarah laughed to herself, thinking, 8 After I am worn out will I have pleasure, 9  especially when my husband is old too? 10 

18:13 The Lord said to Abraham, “Why 11  did Sarah laugh and say, ‘Will I really 12  have a child when I am old?’ 18:14 Is anything impossible 13  for the Lord? I will return to you when the season comes round again and Sarah will have a son.” 14  18:15 Then Sarah lied, saying, “I did not laugh,” because she was afraid. But the Lord said, “No! You did laugh.” 15 

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