Bible: Ezekiel 27:8-11

27:8 The leaders 1  of Sidon 2  and Arvad 3  were your rowers;

your skilled 4  men, O Tyre, were your captains.

27:9 The elders of Gebal 5  and her skilled men were within you, mending cracks; 6 

all the ships of the sea and their mariners were within you to trade for your merchandise. 7 

27:10 Men of Persia, Lud, 8  and Put were in your army, men of war.

They hung shield and helmet on you; they gave you your splendor.

27:11 The Arvadites 9  joined your army on your walls all around,

and the Gammadites 10  were in your towers.

They hung their quivers 11  on your walls all around;

they perfected your beauty.

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