Bible: Ezekiel 26:1-5

A Prophecy Against Tyre

26:1 In the eleventh year, on the first day of the month, 1  the word of the Lord came to me: 26:2 Son of man, because Tyre 2  has said about Jerusalem, 3 Aha, the gateway of the peoples is broken; it has swung open to me. I will become rich, 4  now that she 5  has been destroyed,’ 26:3 therefore this is what the sovereign Lord says: Look, 6  I am against you, 7  O Tyre! I will bring up many nations against you, as the sea brings up its waves. 26:4 They will destroy the walls of Tyre and break down her towers. I will scrape her soil 8  from her and make her a bare rock. 26:5 She will be a place where fishing nets are spread, surrounded by the sea. For I have spoken, declares the sovereign Lord. She will become plunder for the nations,

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