Bible: Ezekiel 17:2-10

17:2 Son of man, offer a riddle, 1  and tell a parable to the house of Israel. 17:3 Say to them: ‘This is what the sovereign Lord says: 2 

“‘A great eagle 3  with broad wings, long feathers, 4 

with full plumage which was multi-hued, 5 

came to Lebanon 6  and took the top of the cedar.

17:4 He plucked off its topmost shoot;

he brought it to a land of merchants

and planted it in a city of traders.

17:5 He took one of the seedlings 7  of the land,

placed it in a cultivated plot; 8 

a shoot by abundant water,

like a willow he planted it.

17:6 It sprouted and became a vine,

spreading low to the ground; 9 

its branches turning toward him, 10  its roots were under itself. 11 

So it became a vine; it produced shoots and sent out branches.

17:7‘There was another great eagle 12 

with broad wings and thick plumage.

Now this vine twisted its roots toward him

and sent its branches toward him

to be watered from the soil where it was planted.

17:8 In a good field, by abundant waters, it was planted

to grow branches, bear fruit, and become a beautiful vine.

17:9‘Say to them: This is what the sovereign Lord says:

“‘Will it prosper?

Will he not rip out its roots

and cause its fruit to rot 13  and wither?

All its foliage 14  will wither.

No strong arm or large army

will be needed to pull it out by its roots. 15 

17:10 Consider! It is planted, but will it prosper?

Will it not wither completely when the east wind blows on it?

Will it not wither in the soil where it sprouted?’

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