Bible: Exodus 2:14-22

2:14 The man 1  replied, “Who made you a ruler 2  and a judge over us? Are you planning 3  to kill me like you killed that 4  Egyptian?” Then Moses was afraid, thinking, 5 Surely what I did 6  has become known.” 2:15 When Pharaoh heard 7  about this event, 8  he sought to kill Moses. So Moses fled 9  from Pharaoh and settled in the land of Midian, 10  and he settled 11  by a certain well. 12 

2:16 Now a priest of Midian had seven daughters, and they came and began to draw 13  water 14  and fill 15  the troughs in order to water their father’s flock. 2:17 When some 16  shepherds came and drove them away, 17  Moses came up and defended them 18  and then watered their flock. 2:18 So when they came home 19  to their father Reuel, 20  he asked, “Why have you come home so early 21  today? 2:19 They said, “An Egyptian man rescued us 22  from the shepherds, 23  and he actually 24  drew water for us and watered the flock! 2:20 He said 25  to his daughters, “So where is he? 26  Why in the world 27  did you leave the man? Call him, so that he may eat 28  a meal 29  with us.”

2:21 Moses agreed 30  to stay with the man, and he gave his daughter Zipporah to Moses in marriage. 31  2:22 When she bore 32  a son, Moses 33  named him Gershom, for he said, “I have become a resident foreigner in a foreign land.” 34 

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