Bible: Ex 13:1-10


The Law of the Firstborn


The Lord spoke 2  to Moses: 13:2 Set apart 3  to me every firstborn male – the first offspring of every womb 4  among the Israelites, whether human or animal; it is mine.” 5 

13:3 Moses said to the people, “Remember 6  this day on which you came out from Egypt, from the place where you were enslaved, 7  for the Lord brought you out of there 8  with a mighty hand – and no bread made with yeast may be eaten. 9  13:4 On this day, 10  in the month of Abib, 11  you are going out. 12 

13:5 When 13  the Lord brings you to the land of the Canaanites, Hittites, Amorites, Hivites, and Jebusites, which he swore to your fathers to give you, a land flowing with milk and honey, 14  then you will keep 15  this ceremony 16  in this month. 13:6 For seven days 17  you must eat 18  bread made without yeast, and on the seventh day there is to be 19  a festival to the Lord. 13:7 Bread made without yeast must be eaten 20  for seven days; 21  no bread made with yeast shall be seen 22  among you, and you must have no yeast among you within any of your borders.

13:8 You are to tell your son 23  on that day, 24 It is 25  because of what 26  the Lord did for me when I came out of Egypt.’ 13:9 27  It 28  will be a sign 29  for you on your hand and a memorial 30  on your forehead, 31  so that the law of the Lord may be 32  in your mouth, 33  for 34  with a mighty hand the Lord brought you out of Egypt. 13:10 So you must keep 35  this ordinance at its appointed time from year to year. 36 

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