Bible: Esther 1:1-9


The King Throws a Lavish Party


The following events happened 2  in the days of Ahasuerus. 3  (I am referring to 4  that Ahasuerus who used to rule over a hundred and twenty-seven provinces 5  extending all the way from India to Ethiopia. 6 ) 1:2 In those days, as King Ahasuerus sat on his royal throne in Susa 7  the citadel, 8  1:3 in the third 9  year of his reign he provided a banquet for all his officials and his servants. The army 10  of Persia and Media 11  was present, 12  as well as the nobles and the officials of the provinces.

1:4 He displayed the riches of his royal glory and the splendor of his majestic greatness for a lengthy period of time 13 a hundred and eighty days, to be exact! 14  1:5 When those days 15  were completed, the king then provided a seven-day 16  banquet for all the people who were present 17  in Susa the citadel, for those of highest standing to the most lowly. 18  It was held in the court located in the garden of the royal palace. 1:6 The furnishings included linen and purple curtains hung by cords of the finest linen 19  and purple wool on silver rings, alabaster columns, gold and silver couches 20  displayed on a floor made of valuable stones of alabaster, mother-of-pearl, and mineral stone. 1:7 Drinks 21  were served in golden containers, all of which differed from one another. Royal wine was available in abundance at the king’s expense. 1:8 There were no restrictions on the drinking, 22  for the king had instructed all of his supervisors 23  that they should do as everyone so desired. 24  1:9 Queen Vashti 25  also gave a banquet for the women in King Ahasuerusroyal palace.

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