Bible: Deut 25

25:1 If controversy arises between people, 1  they should go to court for judgment. When the judges 2  hear the case, they shall exonerate 3  the innocent but condemn 4  the guilty. 25:2 Then, 5  if the guilty person is sentenced to a beating, 6  the judge shall force him to lie down and be beaten in his presence with the number of blows his wicked behavior deserves. 7  25:3 The judge 8  may sentence him to forty blows, 9  but no more. If he is struck with more than these, you might view your fellow Israelite 10  with contempt.

25:4 You must not muzzle your 11  ox when it is treading grain.

Respect for the Sanctity of Others

25:5 If brothers live together and one of them dies without having a son, the dead man’s wife must not remarry someone outside the family. Instead, her late husband’s brother must go to her, marry her, 12  and perform the duty of a brother-in-law. 13  25:6 Then 14  the first son 15  she bears will continue the name of the dead brother, thus preventing his name from being blotted out of Israel. 25:7 But if the man does not want to marry his brother’s widow, then she 16  must go to the elders at the town gate and say, “My husband’s brother refuses to preserve his brother’s name in Israel; he is unwilling to perform the duty of a brother-in-law to me! 25:8 Then the elders of his city must summon him and speak to him. If he persists, saying, “I don’t want to marry her,” 25:9 then his sister-in-law must approach him in view of the elders, remove his sandal from his foot, and spit in his face. 17  She will then respond, “Thus may it be done to any man who does not maintain his brother’s family line! 18  25:10 His family name will be referred to 19  in Israel as “the family 20  of the one whose sandal was removed.” 21 

25:11 If two men 22  get into a hand-to-hand fight, and the wife of one of them gets involved to help her husband against his attacker, and she reaches out her hand and grabs his genitals, 23  25:12 then you must cut off her hand – do not pity her.

25:13 You must not have in your bag different stone weights, 24  a heavy and a light one. 25  25:14 You must not have in your house different measuring containers, 26  a large and a small one. 25:15 You must have an accurate and correct 27  stone weight and an accurate and correct measuring container, so that your life may be extended in the land the Lord your God is about to give you. 25:16 For anyone who acts dishonestly in these ways is abhorrent 28  to the Lord your God.

Treatment of the Amalekites

25:17 Remember what the Amalekites 29  did to you on your way from Egypt, 25:18 how they met you along the way and cut off all your stragglers in the rear of the march when you were exhausted and tired; they were unafraid of God. 30  25:19 So when the Lord your God gives you relief from all the enemies who surround you in the land he 31  is giving you as an inheritance, 32  you must wipe out the memory of the Amalekites from under heaven 33 do not forget! 34 

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