Bible: Deut 22:1-4

Laws Concerning Preservation of Life

22:1 When you see 1  your neighbor’s 2  ox or sheep going astray, do not ignore it; 3  you must return it without fail 4  to your neighbor. 22:2 If the owner 5  does not live 6  near you or you do not know who the owner is, 7  then you must corral the animal 8  at your house and let it stay with you until the owner looks for it; then you must return it to him. 22:3 You shall do the same to his donkey, his clothes, or anything else your neighbor 9  has lost and you have found; you must not refuse to get involved. 10  22:4 When you see 11  your neighbor’s donkey or ox fallen along the road, do not ignore it; 12  instead, you must be sure 13  to help him get the animal on its feet again. 14 

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