Bible: Deut 18:1-8

Provision for Priests and Levites

18:1 The Levitical priests 1 indeed, the entire tribe of Levi – will have no allotment or inheritance with Israel; they may eat the burnt offerings of the Lord and of his inheritance. 2  18:2 They 3  will have no inheritance in the midst of their fellow Israelites; 4  the Lord alone is their inheritance, just as he had told them. 18:3 This shall be the priestsfair allotment 5  from the people who offer sacrifices, whether bull or sheep – they must give to the priest the shoulder, the jowls, and the stomach. 18:4 You must give them the best of your 6  grain, new wine, and olive oil, as well as the best of your wool when you shear your flocks. 18:5 For the Lord your God has chosen them and their sons from all your tribes to stand 7  and serve in his name 8  permanently. 18:6 Suppose a Levite comes by his own free will 9  from one of your villages, from any part of Israel where he is living, 10  to the place the Lord chooses 18:7 and serves in the name of the Lord his God like his fellow Levites who stand there before the Lord. 18:8 He must eat the same share they do, despite any profits he may gain from the sale of his family’s inheritance. 11 

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