Bible: Daniel 9:24-26

9:24Seventy weeks 1  have been determined

concerning your people and your holy city

to put an end to 2  rebellion,

to bring sin 3  to completion, 4 

to atone for iniquity,

to bring in perpetual 5  righteousness,

to seal up 6  the prophetic vision, 7 

and to anoint a most holy place. 8 

9:25 So know and understand:

From the issuing of the command 9  to restore and rebuild

Jerusalem 10  until an anointed one, a prince arrives, 11 

there will be a period of seven weeks 12  and sixty-two weeks.

It will again be built, 13  with plaza and moat,

but in distressful times.

9:26 Now after the sixty-two weeks,

an anointed one will be cut off and have nothing. 14 

As for the city and the sanctuary,

the people of the coming prince will destroy 15  them.

But his end will come speedily 16  like a flood. 17 

Until the end of the war that has been decreed

there will be destruction.

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