Bible: Daniel 8:9-14

8:9 From one of them came a small horn. 1  But it grew to be very big, toward the south and the east and toward the beautiful land. 2  8:10 It grew so big it reached the army 3  of heaven, and it brought about the fall of some of the army and some of the stars 4  to the ground, where it trampled them. 8:11 It also acted arrogantly against the Prince of the army, 5  from whom 6  the daily sacrifice was removed and whose sanctuary 7  was thrown down. 8:12 The army was given over, 8  along with the daily sacrifice, in the course of his sinful rebellion. 9  It hurled 10  truth 11  to the ground and enjoyed success. 12 

8:13 Then I heard a holy one 13  speaking. Another holy one said to the one who was speaking, “To what period of time does the vision pertain – this vision concerning the daily sacrifice and the destructive act of rebellion and the giving over of both the sanctuary and army to be trampled?” 8:14 He said to me, “To 2,300 evenings and mornings; 14  then the sanctuary will be put right again.” 15 

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