Bible: Daniel 7:23-27

7:23This is what he told me: 1 

‘The fourth beast means that there will be a fourth kingdom on earth

that will differ from all the other kingdoms.

It will devour all the earth

and will trample and crush it.

7:24 The ten horns

mean that ten kings will arise from that kingdom.

Another king will arise after them,

but he will be different from the earlier ones.

He will humiliate 2  three kings.

7:25 He will speak words against the Most High.

He will harass 3  the holy ones of the Most High continually.

His intention 4  will be to change times established by law. 5 

They will be delivered into his hand

For a time, times, 6  and half a time.

7:26 But the court will convene, 7  and his ruling authority will be removed

destroyed and abolished forever!

7:27 Then the kingdom, authority,

and greatness of the kingdoms under all of heaven

will be delivered to the people of the holy ones 8  of the Most High.

His kingdom is an eternal kingdom;

all authorities will serve him and obey him.’

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