Bible: Daniel 11:6-15

11:6 After some years have passed, they 1  will form an alliance. Then the daughter 2  of the king of the south will come to the king of the north to make an agreement, but she will not retain her power, 3  nor will he continue 4  in his strength. 5  She, together with the one who brought her, her child, 6  and her benefactor will all be delivered over at that time. 7 

11:7There will arise in his 8  place one from her family line 9  who will come against their army and will enter the stronghold of the king of the north and will move against them successfully. 10  11:8 He will also take their gods into captivity to Egypt, along with their cast images and prized utensils of silver and gold. Then he will withdraw for some years from 11  the king of the north. 11:9 Then the king of the north 12  will advance against the empire of the king of the south, but will withdraw to his own land. 11:10 His sons 13  will wage war, mustering a large army which will advance like an overflowing river and carrying the battle all the way to the enemy’s 14  fortress. 15 

11:11Then the king of the south 16  will be enraged and will march out to fight against the king of the north, who will also muster a large army, but that army will be delivered into his hand. 11:12 When the army is taken away, the king of the south will become arrogant. 17  He will be responsible for the death 18  of thousands and thousands of people, 19  but he will not continue to prevail. 11:13 For the king of the north will again muster an army, one larger than before. At the end of some years he will advance with a huge army and enormous supplies.

11:14In those times many will oppose 20  the king of the south. 21  Those who are violent 22  among your own people will rise up in confirmation of 23  the vision, but they will falter. 11:15 Then the king of the north will advance and will build siege mounds and capture a well-fortified city. 24  The forces of the south will not prevail, not even his finest contingents. 25  They will have no strength to prevail.

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