Bible: Daniel 10-12


An Angel Appears to Daniel


In the third 2  year of King Cyrus of Persia a message was revealed to Daniel (who was also called Belteshazzar). This message was true and concerned a great war. 3  He understood the message and gained insight by the vision.

10:2 In those days I, Daniel, was mourning for three whole weeks. 4  10:3 I ate no choice food; no meat or wine came to my lips, 5  nor did I anoint myself with oil 6  until the end of those three weeks.

10:4 On the twenty-fourth day of the first month 7  I was beside the great river, the Tigris. 8  10:5 I looked up 9  and saw a 10  man 11  clothed in linen; 12  around his waist was a belt made of gold from Upaz. 13  10:6 His body resembled yellow jasper, 14  and his face had an appearance like lightning. His eyes were like blazing torches; 15  his arms and feet had the gleam of polished bronze. His voice 16  thundered forth like the sound of a large crowd.

10:7 Only I, Daniel, saw the vision; the men who were with me did not see it. 17  On the contrary, they were overcome with fright 18  and ran away to hide. 10:8 I alone was left to see this great vision. My strength drained from 19  me, and my vigor disappeared; 20  I was without energy. 21  10:9 I listened to his voice, 22  and as I did so 23  I fell into a trance-like sleep with my face to the ground. 10:10 Then 24  a hand touched me and set me on my hands and knees. 25  10:11 He said to me, “Daniel, you are of great value. 26  Understand the words that I am about to 27  speak to you. So stand up, 28  for I have now been sent to you.” When he said this 29  to me, I stood up shaking. 10:12 Then he said to me, “Don’t be afraid, Daniel, for from the very first day you applied your mind 30  to understand and to humble yourself before your God, your words were heard. I have come in response to your words. 10:13 However, the prince of the kingdom of Persia was opposing me for twenty-one days. But 31  Michael, one of the leading princes, came to help me, because I was left there 32  with the kings of Persia. 10:14 Now I have come to help you understand what will happen to your people in the latter days, for the vision pertains to future days.”

10:15 While he was saying this to me, 33  I was flat on 34  the ground and unable to speak. 10:16 Then 35  one who appeared to be a human being 36  was touching my lips. I opened my mouth and started to speak, saying to the one who was standing before me, “Sir, 37  due to the vision, anxiety has gripped me and I have no strength. 10:17 How, sir, am I able to speak with you? 38  My strength is gone, 39  and I am breathless.” 10:18 Then the one who appeared to be a human being touched me again 40  and strengthened me. 10:19 He said to me, “Don’t be afraid, you who are valued. 41  Peace be to you! Be strong! Be really strong!” When he spoke to me, I was strengthened. I said, “Sir, you may speak now, 42  for you have given me strength.” 10:20 He said, “Do you know why I have come to you? 43  Now I am about to return to engage in battle with the prince of Persia. When I go, the prince of Greece is coming. 10:21 However, I will first tell you what is written in a dependable book. 44  (There is no one who strengthens me against these princes, 45  except Michael your 46  prince. 11:1 And in the first year of Darius the Mede, I 47  stood to strengthen him and to provide protection for him.) 11:2 Now I will tell you the truth.

The Angel Gives a Message to Daniel

“Three 48  more kings will arise for Persia. Then a fourth 49  king will be unusually rich, 50  more so than all who preceded him. When he has amassed power through his riches, he will stir up everyone against 51  the kingdom of Greece. 11:3 Then a powerful king 52  will arise, exercising great authority and doing as he pleases. 11:4 Shortly after his rise to power, 53  his kingdom will be broken up and distributed toward the four winds of the sky 54 but not to his posterity or with the authority he exercised, for his kingdom will be uprooted and distributed to others besides these.

11:5Then the king of the south 55  and one of his subordinates 56  will grow strong. His subordinate 57  will resist 58  him and will rule a kingdom greater than his. 59  11:6 After some years have passed, they 60  will form an alliance. Then the daughter 61  of the king of the south will come to the king of the north to make an agreement, but she will not retain her power, 62  nor will he continue 63  in his strength. 64  She, together with the one who brought her, her child, 65  and her benefactor will all be delivered over at that time. 66 

11:7There will arise in his 67  place one from her family line 68  who will come against their army and will enter the stronghold of the king of the north and will move against them successfully. 69  11:8 He will also take their gods into captivity to Egypt, along with their cast images and prized utensils of silver and gold. Then he will withdraw for some years from 70  the king of the north. 11:9 Then the king of the north 71  will advance against the empire of the king of the south, but will withdraw to his own land. 11:10 His sons 72  will wage war, mustering a large army which will advance like an overflowing river and carrying the battle all the way to the enemy’s 73  fortress. 74 

11:11Then the king of the south 75  will be enraged and will march out to fight against the king of the north, who will also muster a large army, but that army will be delivered into his hand. 11:12 When the army is taken away, the king of the south will become arrogant. 76  He will be responsible for the death 77  of thousands and thousands of people, 78  but he will not continue to prevail. 11:13 For the king of the north will again muster an army, one larger than before. At the end of some years he will advance with a huge army and enormous supplies.

11:14In those times many will oppose 79  the king of the south. 80  Those who are violent 81  among your own people will rise up in confirmation of 82  the vision, but they will falter. 11:15 Then the king of the north will advance and will build siege mounds and capture a well-fortified city. 83  The forces of the south will not prevail, not even his finest contingents. 84  They will have no strength to prevail. 11:16 The one advancing against him will do as he pleases, and no one will be able to stand before him. He will prevail in the beautiful land, and its annihilation will be within his power. 85  11:17 His intention 86  will be to come with the strength of his entire kingdom, and he will form alliances. 87  He will give the king of the south 88  a daughter 89  in marriage in order to destroy the kingdom, but it will not turn out to his advantage. 11:18 Then he will turn his attention 90  to the coastal regions and will capture many of them. But a commander 91  will bring his shameful conduct to a halt; in addition, 92  he will make him pay for his shameful conduct. 93  11:19 He will then turn his attention to the fortresses of his own land, but he will stumble and fall, not to be found again. 11:20 There will arise after him 94  one 95  who will send out an exactor 96  of tribute to enhance the splendor of the kingdom, but after a few days he will be destroyed, 97  though not in anger or battle.

11:21Then there will arise in his place a despicable person 98  to whom the royal honor has not been rightfully conferred. He will come on the scene in a time of prosperity and will seize the kingdom through deceit. 11:22 Armies 99  will be suddenly 100  swept away in defeat 101  before him; both they and a covenant leader 102  will be destroyed. 103  11:23 After 104  entering into an alliance with him, he will behave treacherously; he will ascend to power with only a small force. 105  11:24 In a time of prosperity for the most productive areas of the province he will come and accomplish what neither his fathers nor their fathers accomplished. He will distribute loot, spoils, and property to his followers, and he will devise plans against fortified cities, but not for long. 106  11:25 He will rouse his strength and enthusiasm 107  against the king of the south 108  with a large army. The king of the south will wage war with a large and very powerful army, but he will not be able to prevail because of the plans devised against him. 11:26 Those who share the king’s fine food will attempt to destroy him, and his army will be swept away; 109  many will be killed in battle. 11:27 These two kings, their minds 110  filled with evil intentions, will trade 111  lies with one another at the same table. But it will not succeed, for there is still an end at the appointed time. 11:28 Then the king of the north 112  will return to his own land with much property. His mind will be set against the holy covenant. He will take action, and then return to his own land. 11:29 At an appointed time he will again invade the south, but this latter visit will not turn out the way the former one did. 11:30 The ships of Kittim 113  will come against him, leaving him disheartened. 114  He will turn back and direct his indignation against the holy covenant. He will return and honor 115  those who forsake the holy covenant. 11:31 His forces 116  will rise up and profane the fortified sanctuary, 117  stopping the daily sacrifice. In its place they will set up 118  the abomination that causes desolation. 11:32 Then with smooth words he will defile 119  those who have rejected 120  the covenant. But the people who are loyal to 121  their God will act valiantly. 122  11:33 These who are wise among the people will teach the masses. 123  However, they will fall 124  by the sword and by the flame, 125  and they will be imprisoned and plundered for some time. 126  11:34 When they stumble, they will be granted some help. But many will unite with them deceitfully. 11:35 Even some of the wise will stumble, resulting in their refinement, purification, and cleansing until the time of the end, for it is still for the appointed time.

11:36Then the king 127  will do as he pleases. He will exalt and magnify himself above every deity and he will utter presumptuous things against the God of gods. He will succeed until the time of 128  wrath is completed, for what has been decreed must occur. 129  11:37 He will not respect 130  the gods of his fathers – not even the god loved by women. 131  He will not respect any god; he will elevate himself above them all. 11:38 What he will honor is a god of fortresses – a god his fathers did not acknowledge he will honor with gold, silver, valuable stones, and treasured commodities. 11:39 He will attack 132  mighty fortresses, aided by 133  a foreign deity. To those who recognize him he will grant considerable honor. He will place them in authority over many people, and he will parcel out land for a price. 134 

11:40At the time of the end the king of the south will attack 135  him. Then the king of the north will storm against him 136  with chariots, horsemen, and a large armada of ships. 137  He 138  will invade lands, passing through them like an overflowing river. 139  11:41 Then he will enter the beautiful land. 140  Many 141  will fall, but these will escape: 142  Edom, Moab, and the Ammonite leadership. 11:42 He will extend his power 143  against other lands; the land of Egypt will not escape. 11:43 He will have control over the hidden stores of gold and silver, as well as all the treasures of Egypt. Libyans and Ethiopians 144  will submit to him. 145  11:44 But reports will trouble him from the east and north, and he will set out in a tremendous rage to destroy and wipe out many. 11:45 He will pitch his royal tents between the seas 146  toward the beautiful holy mountain. But he will come to his end, with no one to help him.

12:1At that time Michael,

the great prince who watches over your people, 147 

will arise. 148 

There will be a time of distress

unlike any other from the nation’s beginning 149 

up to that time.

But at that time your own people,

all those whose names are 150  found written in the book,

will escape.

12:2 Many of those who sleep

in the dusty ground will awake

some to everlasting life,

and others to shame and everlasting abhorrence. 151 

12:3 But the wise will shine

like the brightness of the heavenly expanse.

And those bringing many to righteousness

will be like the stars forever and ever.

12:4But you, Daniel, close up these words and seal the book until the time of the end. Many will dash about, 152  and knowledge will increase.”

12:5 I, Daniel, watched as two others stood there, one on each side of the river. 153  12:6 One said to the man clothed in linen who was above the waters of the river, “When will the end of these wondrous events occur? 12:7 Then I heard the man clothed in linen who was over the waters of the river as he raised both his right and left hands to the sky 154  and made an oath by the one who lives forever: “It is for a time, times, and half a time. Then, when the power of the one who shatters 155  the holy people has been exhausted, all these things will be finished.”

12:8 I heard, but I did not understand. So I said, “Sir, 156  what will happen after these things? 12:9 He said, “Go, Daniel. For these matters are closed and sealed until the time of the end. 12:10 Many will be purified, made clean, and refined, but the wicked will go on being wicked. None of the wicked will understand, though the wise will understand. 12:11 From the time that the daily sacrifice is removed and the abomination that causes desolation is set in place, 157  there are 1,290 days. 12:12 Blessed is the one who waits and attains to the 1,335 days. 12:13 But you should go your way 158  until the end. 159  You will rest and then at the end of the days you will arise to receive 160  what you have been allotted.” 161 

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