Bible: Daniel 10:5-9

10:5 I looked up 1  and saw a 2  man 3  clothed in linen; 4  around his waist was a belt made of gold from Upaz. 5  10:6 His body resembled yellow jasper, 6  and his face had an appearance like lightning. His eyes were like blazing torches; 7  his arms and feet had the gleam of polished bronze. His voice 8  thundered forth like the sound of a large crowd.

10:7 Only I, Daniel, saw the vision; the men who were with me did not see it. 9  On the contrary, they were overcome with fright 10  and ran away to hide. 10:8 I alone was left to see this great vision. My strength drained from 11  me, and my vigor disappeared; 12  I was without energy. 13  10:9 I listened to his voice, 14  and as I did so 15  I fell into a trance-like sleep with my face to the ground.

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