Bible: Dan 2:36-43

2:36 This was the dream. Now we 1  will set forth before the king its interpretation.

Daniel Interprets Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream

2:37You, O king, are the king of kings. The God of heaven has granted you sovereignty, power, strength, and honor. 2:38 Wherever human beings, 2  wild animals, 3  and birds of the sky live – he has given them into your power. 4  He has given you authority over them all. You are the head of gold. 2:39 Now after you another kingdom 5  will arise, one inferior to yours. Then a third kingdom, one of bronze, will rule in all the earth. 2:40 Then there will be a fourth kingdom, one strong like iron. Just like iron breaks in pieces and shatters everything, and as iron breaks in pieces 6  all of these metals, 7  so it will break in pieces and crush the others. 8  2:41 In that you were seeing feet and toes 9  partly of wet clay 10  and partly of iron, so this will be a divided kingdom. Some of the strength of iron will be in it, for you saw iron mixed with wet clay. 11  2:42 In that the toes of the feet were partly of iron and partly of clay, the latter stages of this kingdom will be partly strong and partly fragile. 2:43 And 12  in that you saw iron mixed with wet clay, so people will be mixed 13  with one another 14  without adhering to one another, just as 15  iron does not mix with clay.

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