Bible: Acts 7:11-19

7:11 Then a famine occurred throughout 1  Egypt and Canaan, causing 2  great suffering, and our 3  ancestors 4  could not find food. 7:12 So when Jacob heard that there was grain 5  in Egypt, he sent our ancestors 6  there 7  the first time. 7:13 On their second visit Joseph made himself known to his brothers again, and Joseph’s family 8  became known to Pharaoh. 7:14 So Joseph sent a message 9  and invited 10  his father Jacob and all his relatives to come, seventy-five people 11  in all. 7:15 So Jacob went down to Egypt and died there, 12  along with our ancestors, 13  7:16 and their bones 14  were later moved to Shechem and placed in the tomb that Abraham had bought for a certain sum of money 15  from the sons of Hamor in Shechem.

7:17But as the time drew near for God to fulfill the promise he had declared to Abraham, 16  the people increased greatly in number 17  in Egypt, 7:18 until another king who did not know about 18  Joseph ruled 19  over Egypt. 20  7:19 This was the one who exploited 21  our people 22  and was cruel to our ancestors, 23  forcing them to abandon 24  their infants so they would die. 25 

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