Bible: Acts 22:24-29

22:24 the commanding officer 1  ordered Paul 2  to be brought back into the barracks. 3  He told them 4  to interrogate Paul 5  by beating him with a lash 6  so that he could find out the reason the crowd 7  was shouting at Paul 8  in this way. 22:25 When they had stretched him out for the lash, 9  Paul said to the centurion 10  standing nearby, “Is it legal for you to lash a man who is a Roman citizen 11  without a proper trial? 12  22:26 When the centurion 13  heard this, 14  he went to the commanding officer 15  and reported it, 16  saying, “What are you about to do? 17  For this man is a Roman citizen.” 18  22:27 So the commanding officer 19  came and asked 20  Paul, 21 Tell me, are you a Roman citizen?” 22  He replied, 23 Yes.” 22:28 The commanding officer 24  answered, “I acquired this citizenship with a large sum of money.” 25 But I was even 26  born a citizen,” 27  Paul replied. 28  22:29 Then those who were about to interrogate him stayed away 29  from him, and the commanding officer 30  was frightened when he realized that Paul 31  was 32  a Roman citizen 33  and that he had had him tied up. 34 

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