Bible: Acts 21:27-32

21:27 When the seven days were almost over, 1  the Jews from the province of Asia 2  who had seen him in the temple area 3  stirred up the whole crowd 4  and seized 5  him, 21:28 shouting, “Men of Israel, 6  help! This is the man who teaches everyone everywhere against our people, our law, 7  and this sanctuary! 8  Furthermore 9  he has brought Greeks into the inner courts of the temple 10  and made this holy place ritually unclean! 11  21:29 (For they had seen Trophimus the Ephesian in the city with him previously, and 12  they assumed Paul had brought him into the inner temple courts.) 13  21:30 The whole city was stirred up, 14  and the people rushed together. 15  They seized 16  Paul and dragged him out of the temple courts, 17  and immediately the doors were shut. 21:31 While they were trying 18  to kill him, a report 19  was sent up 20  to the commanding officer 21  of the cohort 22  that all Jerusalem was in confusion. 23  21:32 He 24  immediately took 25  soldiers and centurions 26  and ran down to the crowd. 27  When they saw 28  the commanding officer 29  and the soldiers, they stopped beating 30  Paul.
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