Bible: Acts 20:13-17

The Voyage to Miletus

20:13 We went on ahead 1  to the ship and put out to sea 2  for Assos, 3  intending 4  to take Paul aboard there, for he had arranged it this way. 5  He 6  himself was intending 7  to go there by land. 8  20:14 When he met us in Assos, 9  we took him aboard 10  and went to Mitylene. 11  20:15 We set sail 12  from there, and on the following day we arrived off Chios. 13  The next day we approached 14  Samos, 15  and the day after that we arrived at Miletus. 16  20:16 For Paul had decided to sail past Ephesus 17  so as not to spend time 18  in the province of Asia, 19  for he was hurrying 20  to arrive in Jerusalem, 21  if possible, 22  by the day of Pentecost. 20:17 From Miletus 23  he sent a message 24  to Ephesus, telling the elders of the church to come to him. 25 

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