Bible: Acts 18:18-21

Paul Returns to Antioch in Syria

18:18 Paul, after staying 1  many more days in Corinth, 2  said farewell to 3  the brothers and sailed away to Syria accompanied by 4  Priscilla and Aquila. 5  He 6  had his hair cut off 7  at Cenchrea 8  because he had made a vow. 9  18:19 When they reached Ephesus, 10  Paul 11  left Priscilla and Aquila 12  behind there, but he himself went 13  into the synagogue 14  and addressed 15  the Jews. 18:20 When they asked him to stay longer, he would not consent, 16  18:21 but said farewell to 17  them and added, 18 I will come back 19  to you again if God wills.” 20  Then 21  he set sail from Ephesus,

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