Bible: Acts 18:12-17

Paul Before the Proconsul Gallio

18:12 Now while Gallio 1  was proconsul 2  of Achaia, 3  the Jews attacked Paul together 4  and brought him before the judgment seat, 5  18:13 saying, “This man is persuading 6  people to worship God in a way contrary to 7  the law! 18:14 But just as Paul was about to speak, 8  Gallio said to the Jews, “If it were a matter of some crime or serious piece of villainy, 9  I would have been justified in accepting the complaint 10  of you Jews, 11  18:15 but since it concerns points of disagreement 12  about words and names and your own law, settle 13  it yourselves. I will not be 14  a judge of these things! 18:16 Then he had them forced away 15  from the judgment seat. 16  18:17 So they all seized Sosthenes, the president of the synagogue, 17  and began to beat 18  him in front of the judgment seat. 19  Yet none of these things were of any concern 20  to Gallio.

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