Bible: Acts 17:1-15

Paul and Silas at Thessalonica

17:1 After they traveled through 1  Amphipolis 2  and Apollonia, 3  they came to Thessalonica, 4  where there was a Jewish synagogue. 5  17:2 Paul went to the Jews in the synagogue, 6  as he customarily did, and on three Sabbath days he addressed 7  them from the scriptures, 17:3 explaining and demonstrating 8  that the Christ 9  had to suffer and to rise from the dead, 10  saying, 11 This Jesus I am proclaiming to you is the Christ.” 12  17:4 Some of them were persuaded 13  and joined Paul and Silas, along with a large group 14  of God-fearing Greeks 15  and quite a few 16  prominent women. 17:5 But the Jews became jealous, 17  and gathering together some worthless men from the rabble in the marketplace, 18  they formed a mob 19  and set the city in an uproar. 20  They attacked Jason’s house, 21  trying to find Paul and Silas 22  to bring them out to the assembly. 23  17:6 When they did not find them, they dragged 24  Jason and some of the brothers before the city officials, 25  screaming, “These people who have stirred up trouble 26  throughout the world 27  have come here too, 17:7 and 28  Jason has welcomed them as guests! They 29  are all acting against Caesar’s 30  decrees, saying there is another king named 31  Jesus! 32  17:8 They caused confusion among 33  the crowd and the city officials 34  who heard these things. 17:9 After 35  the city officials 36  had received bail 37  from Jason and the others, they released them.

Paul and Silas at Berea

17:10 The brothers sent Paul and Silas off to Berea 38  at once, during the night. When they arrived, 39  they went to the Jewish synagogue. 40  17:11 These Jews 41  were more open-minded 42  than those in Thessalonica, 43  for they eagerly 44  received 45  the message, examining 46  the scriptures carefully every day 47  to see if these things were so. 17:12 Therefore many of them believed, along with quite a few 48  prominent 49  Greek women and men. 17:13 But when the Jews from Thessalonica 50  heard that Paul had also proclaimed the word of God 51  in Berea, 52  they came there too, inciting 53  and disturbing 54  the crowds. 17:14 Then the brothers sent Paul away to the coast 55  at once, but Silas and Timothy remained in Berea. 56  17:15 Those who accompanied Paul escorted him as far as Athens, 57  and after receiving an order for Silas and Timothy to come to him as soon as possible, they left. 58 

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