Bible: Acts 16:35-39

16:35 At daybreak 1  the magistrates 2  sent their police officers, 3  saying, “Release those men.” 16:36 The jailer reported these words to Paul, saying, 4 The magistrates have sent orders 5  to release you. So come out now and go in peace.” 6  16:37 But Paul said to the police officers, 7 They had us beaten in public 8  without a proper trial 9 even though we are Roman citizens 10 and they threw us 11  in prison. And now they want to send us away 12  secretly? Absolutely not! They 13  themselves must come and escort us out! 14  16:38 The police officers reported these words to the magistrates. They were frightened when they heard Paul and Silas 15  were Roman citizens 16  16:39 and came 17  and apologized to them. After 18  they brought them out, they asked them repeatedly 19  to leave the city.
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