Bible: Acts 12:20-23

12:20 Now Herod 1  was having an angry quarrel 2  with the people of Tyre 3  and Sidon. 4  So they joined together 5  and presented themselves before him. And after convincing 6  Blastus, the king’s personal assistant, 7  to help them, 8  they asked for peace, 9  because their country’s food supply was provided by the king’s country. 12:21 On a day determined in advance, Herod 10  put on his royal robes, 11  sat down on the judgment seat, 12  and made a speech 13  to them. 12:22 But the crowd 14  began to shout, 15 The voice of a god, 16  and not of a man! 12:23 Immediately an angel of the Lord 17  struck 18  Herod 19  down because he did not give the glory to God, and he was eaten by worms and died. 20 

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