Bible: Acts 10:9-20

10:9 About noon 1  the next day, while they were on their way and approaching 2  the city, Peter went up on the roof 3  to pray. 10:10 He became hungry and wanted to eat, but while they were preparing the meal, a trance came over him. 4  10:11 He 5  saw heaven 6  opened 7  and an object something like a large sheet 8  descending, 9  being let down to earth 10  by its four corners. 10:12 In it 11  were all kinds of four-footed animals and reptiles 12  of the earth and wild birds. 13  10:13 Then 14  a voice said 15  to him, “Get up, Peter; slaughter 16  and eat! 10:14 But Peter said, “Certainly not, Lord, for I have never eaten anything defiled and ritually unclean! 17  10:15 The voice 18  spoke to him again, a second time, “What God has made clean, you must not consider 19  ritually unclean! 20  10:16 This happened three times, and immediately the object was taken up into heaven. 21 

10:17 Now while Peter was puzzling over 22  what the vision he had seen could signify, the men sent by Cornelius had learned where Simon’s house was 23  and approached 24  the gate. 10:18 They 25  called out to ask if Simon, known as Peter, 26  was staying there as a guest. 10:19 While Peter was still thinking seriously about 27  the vision, the Spirit said to him, “Look! Three men are looking for you. 10:20 But get up, 28  go down, and accompany them without hesitation, 29  because I have sent them.”

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