Bible: 2 Samuel 10:1-5

David and the Ammonites

10:1 Later the king of the Ammonites died and his son Hanun succeeded him. 1  10:2 David said, “I will express my loyalty 2  to Hanun son of Nahash just as his father was loyal 3  to me.” So David sent his servants with a message expressing sympathy over his father’s death. 4  When David’s servants entered the land of the Ammonites, 10:3 the Ammonite officials said to their lord Hanun, “Do you really think David is trying to honor your father by sending these messengers to express his sympathy? 5  No, David has sent his servants to you to get information about the city and spy on it so they can overthrow it! 6 

10:4 So Hanun seized David’s servants and shaved off half of each one’s beard. He cut the lower part of their robes off so that their buttocks were exposed, 7  and then sent them away. 10:5 Messengers 8  told David what had happened, 9  so he summoned them, for the men were thoroughly humiliated. The king said, “Stay in Jericho 10  until your beards have grown again; then you may come back.”

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