Bible: 2 Kings 15:19-22

15:19 Pul 1  king of Assyria invaded the land, and Menahem paid 2  him 3  a thousand talents 4  of silver to gain his support 5  and to solidify his control of the kingdom. 6  15:20 Menahem got this silver by taxing all the wealthy men in Israel; he took fifty shekels of silver from each one of them and paid it to the king of Assyria. 7  Then the king of Assyria left; he did not stay there in the land.

15:21 The rest of the events of Menahem’s reign, including all his accomplishments, are recorded in the scroll called the Annals of the Kings of Israel. 8  15:22 Menahem passed away 9  and his son Pekahiah replaced him as king.

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