Bible: 2 Chronicles 6:26-31

6:26The time will come when 1  the skies 2  are shut up tightly and no rain falls because your people 3  sinned against you. When they direct their prayers toward this place, renew their allegiance to you, 4  and turn away from their sin because you punish 5  them, 6:27 then listen from heaven and forgive the sin of your servants, your people Israel. Certainly 6  you will then teach them the right way to live 7  and send rain on your land that you have given your people to possess. 8 

6:28The time will come when the land suffers from a famine, a plague, blight, and disease, or a locust 9  invasion, or when their enemy lays siege to the cities of the land, 10  or when some other type of plague or epidemic occurs. 6:29 When all your people Israel pray and ask for help, 11  as they acknowledge their intense pain 12  and spread out their hands toward this temple, 6:30 then listen from your heavenly dwelling place, forgive their sin, 13  and act favorably toward each one based on your evaluation of their motives. 14  (Indeed you are the only one who can correctly evaluate the motives of all people.) 15  6:31 Then they will honor 16  you by obeying you 17  throughout their lifetimes as 18  they live on the land you gave to our ancestors.

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