Bible: 2 Chronicles 6:16-21

6:16 Now, O Lord God of Israel, keep the promise you made to your servant, my father David, when you said, ‘You will never fail to have a successor ruling before me on the throne of Israel, 1  provided that your descendants watch their step and obey my law as you have done.’ 2  6:17 Now, O Lord God of Israel, may the promise you made to your servant David be realized. 3 

6:18God does not really live with humankind on the earth! 4  Look, if the sky and the highest heaven cannot contain you, how much less this temple I have built! 6:19 But respond favorably to 5  your servant’s prayer and his request for help, O Lord my God. Answer 6  the desperate prayer 7  your servant is presenting to you. 8  6:20 Night and day may you watch over this temple, the place where you promised you would live. 9  May you answer your servant’s prayer for this place. 10  6:21 Respond to the requests of your servant and your people Israel for this place. 11  Hear from your heavenly dwelling place and respond favorably and forgive. 12 

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