Bible: 2 Chronicles 1:7-12

1:7 That night God appeared 1  to Solomon and said to him, “Tell me 2  what I should give you.” 1:8 Solomon replied to God, “You demonstrated 3  great loyalty to my father David and have made me king in his place. 1:9 Now, Lord God, may your promise 4  to my father David be realized, 5  for you have made me king over a great nation as numerous as the dust of the earth. 1:10 Now give me wisdom and discernment so 6  I can effectively lead this nation. 7  Otherwise 8  no one is able 9  to make judicial decisions for 10  this great nation of yours.” 11 

1:11 God said to Solomon, “Because you desire this, 12  and did not ask for riches, wealth, and honor, or for vengeance on your enemies, 13  and because you did not ask for long life, 14  but requested wisdom and discernment so you can make judicial decisions for my people over whom I have made you king, 1:12 you are granted wisdom and discernment. 15  Furthermore I am giving you riches, wealth, and honor surpassing that of any king before or after you.” 16 

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