Bible: 1 Samuel 17:20-30

17:20 So David got up early in the morning and entrusted the flock to someone else who would watch over it. 1  After loading up, he went just as Jesse had instructed him. He arrived at the camp 2  as the army was going out to the battle lines shouting its battle cry. 17:21 Israel and the Philistines drew up their battle lines opposite one another. 17:22 After David had entrusted his cargo to the care of the supply officer, 3  he ran to the battlefront. When he arrived, he asked his brothers how they were doing. 17:23 As he was speaking with them, the champion named Goliath, the Philistine from Gath, was coming up from the battle lines of the Philistines. He spoke the way he usually did, 4  and David heard it. 17:24 When all the men of Israel saw this man, they retreated 5  from his presence and were very afraid.

17:25 The men of Israel said, “Have you seen this man who is coming up? He does so 6  to defy Israel. But the king will make the man who can strike him down very wealthy! He will give him his daughter in marriage, and he will make his father’s house exempt from tax obligations in Israel.”

17:26 David asked the men who were standing near him, “What will be done for the man who strikes down this Philistine and frees Israel from this humiliation? 7  For who is this uncircumcised Philistine, that he defies the armies of the living God? 17:27 The soldiers 8  told him what had been promised, saying, 9 This is what will be done for the man who can strike him down.”

17:28 When David’s 10  oldest brother Eliab heard him speaking to the men, he became angry 11  with David and said, “Why have you come down here? To whom did you entrust those few sheep in the desert? I am familiar with your pride and deceit! 12  You have come down here to watch the battle!

17:29 David replied, “What have I done now? Can’t I say anything? 13  17:30 Then he turned from those who were nearby to someone else and asked the same question, 14  but they 15  gave him the same answer as before.

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