Bible: 1 Samuel 12:6-11

12:6 Samuel said to the people, “The Lord is the one who chose Moses and Aaron and who brought your ancestors 1  up from the land of Egypt. 12:7 Now take your positions, so I may confront you 2  before the Lord regarding all the Lord’s just actions toward you and your ancestors. 3  12:8 When Jacob entered Egypt, your ancestors cried out to the Lord. The Lord sent Moses and Aaron, and they led your ancestors out of Egypt and settled them in this place.

12:9But they forgot the Lord their God, so he gave 4  them into the hand of Sisera, the general in command of Hazor’s 5  army, 6  and into the hand of the Philistines and into the hand of the king of Moab, and they fought against them. 12:10 Then they cried out to the Lord and admitted, 7 We have sinned, for we have forsaken the Lord and have served the Baals and the images of Ashtoreth. 8  Now deliver us from the hand of our enemies so that we may serve you.’ 9  12:11 So the Lord sent Jerub-Baal, 10  Barak, 11  Jephthah, and Samuel, 12  and he delivered you from the hand of the enemies all around you, and you were able to live securely.

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