Bible: 1 Sam 2:29-33

2:29 Why are you 1  scorning my sacrifice and my offering that I commanded for my dwelling place? 2  You have honored your sons more than you have me by having made yourselves fat from the best parts of all the offerings of my people Israel.’

2:30 Therefore the Lord, the God of Israel, says, ‘I really did say 3  that your house and your ancestor’s house would serve 4  me forever.’ But now the Lord says, ‘May it never be! 5  For I will honor those who honor me, but those who despise me will be cursed! 2:31 In fact, days are coming when I will remove your strength 6  and the strength 7  of your father’s house. There will not be an old man in your house! 2:32 You will see trouble in my dwelling place! 8  Israel will experience blessings, 9  but there will not be an old man in your 10  house for all time. 11  2:33 Any one of you that I do not cut off from my altar, I will cause your 12  eyes to fail 13  and will cause you grief. 14  All of those born to your family 15  will die in the prime of life. 16 

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