Bible: 1 Kings 9:4-9

9:4 You must serve me with integrity and sincerity, just as your father David did. Do everything I commanded and obey my rules and regulations. 1  9:5 Then I will allow your dynasty to rule over Israel permanently, 2  just as I promised your father David, ‘You will not fail to have a successor on the throne of Israel.’ 3 

9:6But if you or your sons ever turn away from me, fail to obey the regulations and rules I instructed you to keep, 4  and decide to serve and worship other gods, 5  9:7 then I will remove Israel from the land 6  I have given them, I will abandon this temple I have consecrated with my presence, 7  and Israel will be mocked and ridiculed 8  among all the nations. 9:8 This temple will become a heap of ruins; 9  everyone who passes by it will be shocked and will hiss out their scorn, 10  saying, ‘Why did the Lord do this to this land and this temple?’ 9:9 Others will then answer, 11 Because they abandoned the Lord their God, who led their ancestors 12  out of Egypt. They embraced other gods whom they worshiped and served. 13  That is why the Lord has brought all this disaster down on them.’

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