Bible: 1 Kings 8:15-21

8:15 He said, “The Lord God of Israel is worthy of praise because he has fulfilled 1  what he promised 2  my father David. 8:16 He told David, 3  ‘Since the day I brought my people Israel out of Egypt, I have not chosen a city from all the tribes of Israel to build a temple in which to live. 4  But I have chosen David to lead my people Israel.’ 8:17 Now my father David had a strong desire 5  to build a temple to honor the Lord God of Israel. 6  8:18 The Lord told my father David, ‘It is right for you to have a strong desire to build a temple to honor me. 7  8:19 But you will not build the temple; your very own son will build the temple for my honor.’ 8  8:20 The Lord has kept the promise he made. 9  I have taken my father David’s place and have occupied the throne of Israel, as the Lord promised. I have built this temple for the honor 10  of the Lord God of Israel 8:21 and set up in it a place for the ark containing the covenant the Lord made with our ancestors 11  when he brought them out of the land of Egypt.”

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