Bible: 1 Kings 5:14-18

5:14 He sent them to Lebanon in shifts of 10,000 men per month. They worked in Lebanon for one month, and then spent two months at home. Adoniram was supervisor of 1  the work crews. 5:15 Solomon also had 70,000 common laborers 2  and 80,000 stonecutters 3  in the hills, 5:16 besides 3,300 4  officials who supervised the workers. 5  5:17 By royal order 6  they supplied large valuable stones in order to build the temple’s foundation with chiseled stone. 5:18 Solomon’s and Hiram’s construction workers, 7  along with men from Byblos, 8  did the chiseling and prepared the wood and stones for the building of the temple. 9 

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